Crowdnewsing-Reclaiming Democracy


What We Do

CrowdNewsing is a campaign community that helps journalists, political activists and changemakers build a community online that supports them financially and amplifies their campaign. It works in three broad areas:
1. Help make the media and public opinion ecosystem more credible
2. Make political funding transparent and our leaders accountable to the people.
3. Mobilise citizens to make social and political interventions when needed.

Our Politics

We believe in politics of the people. We are committed to the ideas of social justice, gender equality, equal opportunity and working for a world that works for everyone. We believe love can conquer fear.


CrowdNewsing will charge the beneficiary 10% of your target amount or whatever amount is disbursed. This includes Payment gateway charges and campaign consultancy charges. This does NOT include digital promotion or any other charges. All tax liabilities to be borne by the beneficiary.

Meet the team