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How our community made an Impact in 2018

These are difficult times, but we can overcome fear when we choose love. Here is the proof.

Dear CrowdNewsing community,
Congratulations on a very meaningful 2018! Meaningful

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CrowdNewsing interventions in 2017


Yes, these are challenging times. People have lost jobs, the economy has crumbled, mobs have taken to the streets, Dalits, Muslims and other minorities face oppression regularly… yet, as a society, we have chosen to fight back our fears with love. From helping

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Paranjoy Guha Thakurta’s campaign

Journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta was facing litigation for his path-breaking work exposing crony capitalism in India. No publication was ready to risk his services as an Editor. Once again, it came down to the citizens of India to fight for our right to know! More than 460 of us raised 18,00,000 rupees for the

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Jignesh Mevani’s election campaign

When Dalit activist Jignesh Mevani decided to take the electoral plunge, he had no organisation, no booth level workers – not even enough money to put up hoardings. But he did not want any funds from corporates or big political parties. And then you intervened!
More than 600 of us

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Justice for Rajasthan hate victim

The viral video of a West Bengal labourer being hacked and burnt alive in Rajasthan sent shockwaves across the world. More than the killing itself, it was frustrating to see that most previous hate-criminals were shielded or rewarded by their respective governments. Our

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Story of how the Muslims of UP forced an alliance between SP and BSP

The Problem:
Election after election, we hear the narrative around the muslim community in the media. Journalists go to religious leaders to ask them about the muslim community. These clerics have over the years been influenced by various political parties and keep switching between political parties.
We realised the voice

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Supporting a portal dedicated to the Dalit community

Raising funds for Dalit Media Watch – By CrowdNewsing
The Dalits Media watch and its website – Justice News is not just reporting stories and disseminating information to close to 50 million people in 73 countries, they are also driving impact by acting on the stories.
In fact, it is a

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Rehabilitating youth framed under false terror charges

Hundreds of young citizens have been accused under false charges of terror. By the time their cases reach higher courts and they are finally found innocent, they would lose the prime of their lives.
We helped the Innocence Network raise a few hundred thousand rupees for innocent youths, mostly from

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