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Story of how the Muslims of UP forced an alliance between SP and BSP

The Problem:
Election after election, we hear the narrative around the muslim community in the media. Journalists go to religious leaders to ask them about the muslim community. These clerics have over the years been influenced by various political parties and keep switching between political parties.
We realised the voice of ordinary citizen was too scattered.

The Solution:
We decided to approach this problem scientifically and decided to conduct a grassroot survey of the muslim community, funded by ordinary citizens, spread across 10 districts of Uttar Pradesh during the 2017 assembly elections.

Unlike most other readings, we were the first ones to scientifically predict a massive split in the Muslim vote – with 55% siding with SP-Cong alliance and 36% going with BSP. We predicted a landslide win for the BJP.
On the other hand, we also found out that the Muslim community doesn’t differentiate much between Mayawati or Mulayam Singh, and about 93% of those interviewed wanted the two party Supremos (and Congress) to forge a grand alliance.
This survey was picked up by The HinduThe QuintBusiness StandardFirstpostThe StatesmanCatch News, was debated in studios and sparked off an idea.
At this point last year, the idea of a Yadav party and a Dalit party coming together in UP was unimaginable. But the survey was the first real evidence that the Muslim community was pushing for this unity, something that the religious clerics were failing to communicate.

Eventually, the bypoll results in Gorakhpur and Phulpur in March where the SP and BJP came together for the first time in over two decades are a vindication of our findings. Our analysis of this alliance that represents backward castes, Minorities and Dalits was published by The Quint. You can read it here

Bilal Zaidi

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