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What is Crowdnewsing?


Help make the media and public opinion ecosystem more credible


Make political funding transparent and our leaders accountable to the people.


Mobilise citizens to make social and political interventions when needed.

CrowdNewsing helps journalists, political activists and changemakers build a community online that supports them financially and amplifies their campaign.

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If you are a journalist, filmmaker, storyteller, blogger or a social media influencer, share your idea and we will help you design your campaign. If you already have a platform where your work gets published, great… if not, we can help you identify ways of getting your work published. Don’t let the shortage of funds come in the way of a story that can help our society.
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What’s stopping you from being the change that you want to see? You think you can be a political changemaker and you have enough people who believe in your politics? Don’t let the shortage of funds discourage you. Click the button to fill the form .
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Campaign for a public intervention

Did you read something in the news that has really upset you - anything that requires the coming together of our society? You think a fundraiser can help someone in distress? Click the button to start Crowdnewsing and help others.
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What people say

All strength to the Crowdnewsing team in 2018. May all of you succeed in taking forward movements in India for cleaner (and better) politics led by the young and a more independent media.


Janta ki Ladai, Janta ke Paison se (People’s battle with people’s money) is the motto with which we started our political journey. To take this struggle forward, we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to ensure nobody controls or tries to hijack our movement. I thank CrowdNewsing and fellow campaigners Bilal and Anand for helping us raise 20 lakh rupees, which is a very significant effort, for our election campaign in Vadgam, Gujarat.

Crowdnewsing helped us get attention and support for issues that the mainstream media ignores and brands as so-called ‘lost causes’ – like Judge Loya’s death, and the plight of Kasganj communal violence victim Chhotan Qureshi. The platform helped re-affirm that causes aren’t lost as long as citizens get to know about them. And once they know – the interest and support is immense.

All India People’s Forum

When I saw the hate video from Rajasthan of Afrazul Khan being killed and filmed, I first felt helpless. Then I reached out to CrowdNewsing and we brainstormed on campaign ideas that can really respond to this challenge. Sitting in Hyderabad, we launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Victims family, identified a legal team lead by Fuzail Ayyubi and Indira Jaising and we helped Gulbahar Bibi move Supreme Court.
I am thrilled to be part of this community that can empower voiceless victims and their families.

Syed Muhammad Ahmer
MNC Executive and campaigner for Gulbahar bibi

Taking a lot of money from one single source is a problem. Money is arrogant, and money tries to dictate the agenda. Yet, modern forms of organising do need money, because we have to circumvent corporate media and misinformation. Crowdnewsing has innovatively solved that problem

Featured Campaigns

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Help! In just one year, Dr Kafeel is now Bankrupt|

Doctor Kafeel saved more than a dozen lives by going way beyond his brief as a doctor... his heroics were celebrated by the media and the public in general.
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Support #ZindagiWithRicha

For over two decades, Journalist Richa Anirudh has inspired India by bringing together stories that show human resistance, survival and bravery. For won awards and accolades for her show Zindagi Live. Now she wants our support to do this show independently and take this inspiring journey forward. Support Now!
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This is how we are winning back


How our community made an Impact in 2018

These are difficult times, but we can overcome fear when we choose love. Here is the proof.

Dear CrowdNewsing community,
Congratulations on a very meaningful 2018! Meaningful

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CrowdNewsing interventions in 2017


Yes, these are challenging times. People have lost jobs, the economy has crumbled, mobs have taken to the streets, Dalits, Muslims and other minorities face oppression regularly… yet, as a society, we have chosen to fight back our fears with love. From helping

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Paranjoy Guha Thakurta’s campaign

Journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta was facing litigation for his path-breaking work exposing crony capitalism in India. No publication was ready to risk his services as an Editor. Once again, it came down to the citizens of India to fight for our right to know! More than 460 of us raised 18,00,000 rupees for the

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